Friday, September 30, 2005


4 Kinds of Forwarded Messages Sent by emm-emm-you people.

1. Yahoo/Friendster is closing down.

Like wtf/utahamakeh (shaddap, I don't care anymore. HAHAHAHAHHAH). Friendster has horoscope, blogs and now a cuper-chuin tracker that tracks down how many people forward this shit?! Unbelievable as this is, I once sent about 5 or 6 of these messages. Orgh, the blindingly stupid past.

2. Some poor kid is dying.

In case you think I won't dwell on this because I'm scared of being shot to death for sounding mean... I don't freaking care!!! >:P Wahahhaha, go away because this si my blog. *dushhh dushhh* Yes, some poor kid in USJ is having a rare blood disease and all we're doing is forwarding messages to ward of the guilt. Then, after forwarding the message and irritating 200 people on your list, you smile contentedly and continue surfing.

3. Uh-ho! Some poor people have lost their pencil cases, library books, wallets, brains, etc.

Because it had been lost/most probably stolen in the first place, did you think that you're ever going to get it back? CIS BUDAK SIAL! Stop irritating me already. Like I'll ever find that wallet/whatever you're missing anyway. And even if I did, did you think that I'd actually message cookie_orange_girl to return it? I had probably plan to steal it anyway.

4. Dreaded good luck messages. (Usually comes from the CLS community)

As if the ASCII ones (which form the shape of some cute bunny or pig or elephants) are not annoying enough, they have ones made with Chinese characters too. How cute and lucky I feel now that I have received a good luck message like this! ^__^


OK, I've pissed off people enough. I think I'm going to go and study now.


Third cute thing.

I think they're the cutest thing ever after Lotus feet shoes and newborn puppies = small, square canvases stretched over wood.

They're even small enough to be given as presents! Ingenious I tell you.

Didn't even take me long to paint this semi-abstract piece of a rose, which I refered to from a magazine page on Charel's wall. It took only about 3 hours, using thick acrylic.

Mmm. Smells good too.

Ok. This is finally up. My canvas photo, that I agreed to post up ages ago.

My weird head a.k.a. Indiana Jones canvas thingy. Woo. Supposedly mysterious and Indiana Jones-like. Ha-ha-hahahahhaa. Anyway I'm ecastic nonetheless.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


So Julie.

"So Julie's gotta head off,
Cos Julie's gotta head on...," he sang off-key, obviously swimming in his own lonely cloud of depression. He breathed in the familiar smell of cigarettes, the same kind that she smoked. So familiar...Why this time? Maybe he had too much to drink that morning.
He was not sure himself. He might still be dreaming.
Still the scent that reminded him so much of her lingered on. It seemed to be her. Why is it here? How did it get here???
Surrounding him, so much so that he could feel her presence.

Her beautiful, innocent smile. Slightly mocking and proud, but beautiful nevertheless. Lacy dress, felt uncomfortable when he fingered the material. He never knew how she could wear it. He never dared to watch her dance in the front seats, even after she had insisted repeatedly that he did. Regret washed over him as he recalled sitting behind, way behind in the shadows, where no one could see him. He could picture her in his mind, dancing in that beautiful dress. That red (she told him, a dark, almost maroon-like red) dress. Didn't matter. It could be black or orange or purple for all he cared.

Beautiful Julie, dancing gracefully under the spotlight. The orchestra playing in the background, grand and flawless. Booming in his heart and making him irritated. He HAD to hear her dance, had to. Somehow the orchestra seemed to drown out her movements. Occasianally he would be able to hear the light, graceful steps. The rare times, when it would make him breathless. He HEARD her, actually HEARD her dancing!

Now, gone. Where did she go, he never knew.
Gone, without a word. Gone like the wind, the bloody fucking wind.

He sometimes would wonder if she thought of him. On some balcony, smoking the cigarettes (which he could smell again suddenly, but maybe it was just his imagination again) like she always did, in her red dress, looking resplendent, her hair blowing in the warm wind. He could visualise her beside him again, him touching her lips and feeling her smile. Wondering if she was genuinely smiling.

It came like a old movie playing, an uninvited memory. Suitcase that he nearly tripped over. Soft, leather with "pores", similar to canvas. Lost, panicking immediately, he rushed into the room, tripping over little sharp things that he didn't bother feeling. Called her, room felt empty. He had felt anger, confusion. Where'd she go suddenly?!! Left him. Tried to persuade himself that he might have wrongly entered the apartments. NO. He went back to check. Double(maybe triple)-checked. Twenty-two steps, shoe rack and pillar. Everything felt the same, yet, inside, empty. He ran down.

Checked again, and nearly gave up, until he had accidently touched a piece of something with the back of his hand. On the fridge. A note. Still angry, extremely frustrated with himself and feeling too helpless to think straight, he got the kid next door to read it out. Could not believe what she wrote. But it was her, alright. Would love to deny it, but the tone and the words she had used, it was her. Julie had suddenly morphed into a heartless (bitch? no, he could never use that) person. She had to go, to find another world for herself. To learn new things. He understood it as she had gotten sick of him, and needed an able man, a better man. A man who could see, at least.


Was she using him all along?, he asked himself, not really wanting an answer. There was still, after all, a little bit of hope inside him that she would return one day. And dance with him again. And laugh at him again for being clumsy and silly and funny all at the same time.

His thoughts drifted away again, wistful thoughts of the past.

One floor below, a woman in a black dress was leaning over the balcony, smoking a cigarette. Smiling softly to herself as she heard him sing another song about her.

"So Julie.."

"So Julie" song by Jason Lo.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


EMO EMO wrong timing.

Want to run across shopping carts in the "So Julie" video clip
and help the Guai Lou find the girl

Thrash the piano in the "Ai Wo Hai Shi Ta" video
and bitchslap the girl in red for being such a great actress

Get splashed in mud and rain in the "Flood" song
and make a mud mask then wash it off with rain

Grow big eyes like an anime character
Then cry while listening to emo songs and flood this place

Smash glass and blood into an exam paper
then pour water over it, like in "Grade A student."

BAHxxxx. Just want to lie on the bed in yellow light and stare at the ceiling being emo. And not doing work. Especially 3D Max. Toot Toot Toot. #@%%^$%^

Utamakeh. Sorry, saya bodo. UTAHAMAKEH. sounds like Hakka. Bodo betul.
More stupid stuff. Bodo1.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Mike, I like.

1. Firstly, the guy who introduced himself as "Mike" had an Indian accent.

2. He talked at a pretty quick pace, with no irritating background music or sound effects, but with an interesting accent to keep listeners entertained.

3. Then he started saying that people liked to spit in his face just to get themselves heard. So, he is a REAL mike!

4. Finally, he said that the smokers are the worst because they have bad breath, spit like crazy and smell like walking ash-trays themselves. Ok, the last few I added, but heheh.

What a surprise! Finally a Malaysian smoking advertisement on radio that doesn't have:
a.) People wheezing/coughing like they have TB and chicken fat in their throats.
b.) A man with a deep, scary voice saying things like, "Do you know what you're doing when you're breathing in those cancer sticks???." *Deep, throaty, dramatic whisper* "You don't, but you're probably killing a small, thin *wheezing sound* innocent kid...."

Ahh, so refreshing. Finally, a radio advertisement that I like so much I hope they play it often enough for me to memorise. Hahahhaha.
Beware, dear friends. *thunder strikes*

Thursday, September 22, 2005



The irony of it all.
It's like being crowned the king of a poor, diseased country.
Like striking the number, but not the money in a lottery.
And in today's case, all dressed up and ready to go to develop the photos, and it started to pour rain.

Anway, for today's menu, it's:


3. Don't think that designing your avatar topless and with bathing shorts is funny, because people might not appreciate this queer sense of humour and will proceed to think that you are retarded.

2. For goodness sake, a farm background and winter clothes will only reveal how rotten your fashion taste is. Leave the background white, or better still, don't design your own avatar at all bwahahhahahaha...

1. For males especially: bright blue blinking eyes, brown skin and brown hair do not match! It makes your avatar look silly and gay, even more if he's smiling open-mouthed.

Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anyone. (And if I did, it's probably only because he/she has already broken the 3 Golden Avatar Rules), gahhaha.
Any more tips to add? :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


A big SPANK for you!!!

I'd like to thank Charel dear for enduring 40 mintues of modelling for my Photography assignment. This one I photoshopped, which I thought was nice, though I'm using another one for the assignment.

EDIT: After tummy-tucking and cellulite erasing (lousy job though). Better? Or still want me to take it out? :P

Skittles rock!!!!!


My Happiness (In Pirate Talk)


Yo-ho-HO!! Me finally finished me canvas, in full bloody acrylic!! Die, ye scurvy dogs!
*whips you with a cat-o-nine-tails*

*coins raining all around*

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Mooncake Celebration Recipe.

5 large mouthfuls of mooncake
2 glasses of hot, bitter tea, preferably with tea leaves
3 doses of insane laughing
200 spoonfuls of camera flashes
30 mugs of weird, dumb expressions and candid shots
5 sprinkles of hyperism
3 dashes of cussing
10 ounces of jumping/climbing buildings/ladders/rails/whatever
5 teaspoons of a beautiful bridge
1 playground with a swing and see-saw
12 candles and a lighter (nyahhahahha)
9 servings of good old fattening mamak food, accompanied by Fear Factor and mamak food stories.

Blend it altogether. Finally, add:
1 more grateful prayer that Lesly we didn't break anything on the playground.

Saturday, September 17, 2005


You TooTers, I hope you're reading this.

But then again, if you are, you probably aren't doing your jobs, you sick goons.

Two bloody weekends in a row!!!

!@#$@%#$ Never had I expected this shit to be flooding this way! And it's not even the weekend yet. Ok, now it is, but it happened before the weekend, dammit. NEVER cut off the water supply like this when I'm about to make myself a hot bowl of Indon Mee!


It would be funny, of course, if:
A. This did not happen to me.
B. Someone esle had shampooed him/herself halfway and had no water to wash him/herself off with, but had no choice but to wipe him/herself with Kleenex to dry HAHAHAAHHHHHA!, and I got to know about it.
C. This all happened while I was asleep.

And I've run out of coins because I sillyly bought a can drink with all the coins that I owned. Now I'm thirsty and pissed. I think I'm going to drink some pipe water and go to bed swearing at everyone's mothers tonight, good night.


Acrylic the pest.

I'll try to remember not to get too much acrylic on my skin the next time.

This bugger material is hard to come off! It goes into my fingernails and skin pores and just sticks there, refusing to come off until I scratch it.
The result? Red skin and a very irritated/pissed me.

There's something esle I'll remember for some time though- Never wear a bright yellow shirt in Mr. Ken N's morning class.

What YOU remind me of:

1. Jesus
2. Pink nike jacket.
3. White Satria + Range Rovers/hyperism

1. Pigs/Shit
2. Being "normal".
3. Purple and white/luga luga.

1. Cafes and sitting in them drinking coffee on a rainy day.
2. Blue and white collared shirt.
3. Good books/sacarcasm dammit, however you spell that.

4. Haze:
1. Leather skirt, candy ear-rings + chopstick hair-thingy
2. That Penny Tai song on her blog that I still can't turn off.
3. Painter 9.

5. Calvin:
2. Anime character that looks like him in a cap/Cantonese/comics.
3. That pretty Korean actress that he'd like to *lick*, heh.

6. David:
1. Camel Shoes bought cheap.
2. CREED/The Rock (*gasp* The embarrassing past that cannot be forgotten)
3. Funny Flash Videos/Dr. Hew...and lately, DOTA.

7. Dawg:
1. That dog-fox hybrid that you always draw.
2. Orange/Your mouse-bitten, cracked, hopeless phone.
3. Wild boar bones.

8. Dennis:
1. Procrastinating Perfectionist.
2. ! *click* DICKIE
3. Perasan idiots...HAHAHAAH!!!

9. Ivan:
1. Weird + exaggerated + crap-funny anime expressions.
2. The top bunk.
3. Black ski caps.

10. Lesly:
1. Smelly shoes/a bag that smells comfortingly of my dog.
2. NIKON D70s.
3. Shaven clean head.

11. Snecx:
1. Hardcore skates/bike stuff.
2. Webbie-like stuff/design in silver and grey.
3. The Italiano hand sign. :-D

This will be a crazy, long week. (Not worth hanging yourself over, though.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Your toothpaste brand?

If you were a toothpaste brand, your name would be?
*Heck, go make up your own!*

I'd like you to answer in the comment box please. (-:

Monday, September 12, 2005


Cactus + Computer Modelling.


Mou-mou (name courtesy of Ivan) and Mickey Mouse (name subject to change if it suddenly grows another ear).
I'm over the moon and stars now, wee!!

Not really, actually. I still have Computer Modelling to finish, and my eyeballs are already popping out. Somebody, just stab me with a mechanical pencil and let me die.


My Idea of Heaven and Hell.

My idea of hell:

1. The guy who'll be "judging" me having a funny mask face and doing a stupid pose, and I won't be able to laugh.

2. Posers posing wherever I look.

3. Seeing Justice Pao advertising Sos Tiram Cap Kapak and he himself holding the wrong tool.

4. Seeing people like these walking around, with no legs.

5. Getting bashed up by another funny masked guy.

6. Getting whacked up with a mop handle by a guy like this.

(Ok, this I might not mind, selamba abit HAHA!!)

7. Meeting someone like this who nags 700 times more than my own mother. *faints*

8. Or someone who'll castrate me even though I don't have a thingy.

9. Or sweet girls who'll stuff sickeningly sweet lollipops down my throat, with expressions like these.

10. Someone who looks exactly like me, who'll shake her lollipop at me while that happens.

11. Being forced to watch gay porn.

And cute gay porn.

And guys like these, wearing little red feminine sweaters.

12. Punishers will make me learn how to make newspaper clothes so that I will be able to walk hell in style.

13. I will have be forced to watch TVB Drama Series with classic and overused scenes like these:

Opps!! I'm sorry...*gazes into eyes and electricity flying all around*

14. Stepping on things like these...

Ape ni?!! Clue: It belongs to Neenee Wee Peepee, and it's relatively clean.
*ehh, think properly la, people!!!*

15. ...
Never mind, I think you understand.


My Idea of Heaven:

1. Strawberry ice-cream from Raju's whenever you feel like it.
2. A huge patch of yellow flowers to lie in and look up at the beautiful sky, while reading comics and eating the above.

3. Looking up in the evenings at seeing skies like these. *bliss*

*plucks cotton candy from clouds and pops it into mouth*

4. Flowers like these that grow in abundant.

5. With cold climates that places like these have:

6. Once a while to be entertained by humans and umbrellas...

...and watching horror movies on my wall-sized movie screen. *glass door also can la...*

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Child birth in mce1033!!

In the middle of MCE 1013 Comput3r Environm3nt, from the cables and wires and browsers or whatever she was talking about, suddenly she groaned.

The set of half-dead people in front, their brains set to screensaver mode woke up slowly, distracted by the "noise".

"Bising-a! Apo kacau2 tido ni!,"some irritated guy muttered loudly.

Right in the middle of a Computer Environment (Unarguably the most boring subject in Beta FCM first sem.), the lecturer was giving birth!!! Unbelievable! Transition has occured!
(Before: Dim, sleep-inducing lecture, in a cold, air-conditioned room. People waking up occassionally when she uttered the word last, in a vain effort of trying to fool the sleepy-heads into thinking that the class was almost over. Slides after slides of insomnia-curing text.)

Dennis, the class perv a random helpful boy, sprung into action to help her deliver the child.

Photography-crazy Lesly was standing by, taking photos and exclaiming in wonder. (This is the being who took photos of us laughing at them after they got conned =)))

Odri was praying.

But of course that did not happen. Sorry to waste your time, but you got conned into reading a few paragraphs of nonsense. AHHAAHAAHAHA, loser.

However, the most interesting thing that happened during class was when class was declared (finally) over, and we rushed out too fast, blinded temporairily by the white light.

Disclaimer: All events in this entry have been fictionalised, and do not intend any harm to the readers, in case of the readers being lecturers of the writer herself. *gasp*


Why I'm pretty freaking pissed.

Why I'm pretty freaking pissed:
1. Planned to do some 3D modelling this afternoon, but some tooter with his fucking car alarm was going off and on the whole freaking morning, making me so pissed that I actually got up and did a teeny, weeny bit of work.

2. Supposed to be dicussing about the play at 6.30 p.m, then, waited for a "while" outside the guys' place and found out that:

1. Neenee Wee Peepee (who?) was ice-skating with her cousin at Sunway Piramid.
2. Odri was about to have dinner.
3. Most of the guys were at cyberpark, blading/something of the sort.

Why I'm pretty ok now:

1. I had Chinese food.

2. I saw Odri and Dwag wolf down wild boar (edit:MEAT!), and Dwag chewing at bones...pretty darn amusing. :-D

3. We fooled the guys, HAHAHAHAHAA!!! Yousillychickens!!! Bwahahhahahha!!! Retarded beings!!! Ngahhahahhaa!!!

Why Charel is pissed:


Monday, September 05, 2005

//Trying new shoutbox service by Snecx. *Promo for you d la*
Heh, I know the dull orange I chose doesn't really match my RED AND ORANGE bar at the top. *koff* *koff* *violent cough* Michelle, faster go make one that suits my bar, HAHHAHAHAA!! Hopefully my messages won't be gone like the many times that has happened. What the hell, first angelfire, then myshoutbox... *barf* *swear* *cough*//

Thursday, September 01, 2005


Mari Berbelog Dalam Bahasa Kebangsaan, Orang-orang.

(Hang harap bukan hang seorang sahaja yang akan akhir atas menulis entri blog dalam bahasa melayu, cis bedebah!)

Perkara-perkara yang telah dibincangkan hari ini semasa sesi mamak dan lepak-lepak sungguh mencuitkan hati i, misalnya: (Hang rasa macam menulis karangan BM sekarang) (Apa neraka)

1. Odri (Nama telah di-BM kan) menunjukkan belangnya supaya boleh pergi ke perpustakaan.
2. Seekor babi yang miang lagi gatal. (cis, lumpuh!!)
3. Shahril (Nama telah di-BM kan juga) yang kabur sedikit kerana dia letih.

Ok, i dah habis berbelog. Harap dapat mengembirakan hati kawan-kawan sekalian.

P/S: Ya, saya tahu BM saya sungguh teruk. Harap maaf. Saya akan mencuba sedaya upaya saya untuk memperbaikinya. Walaubagaimanapun, jangan tinggi sangat harapan engkau. HAHHAAAHAAH!!! Terlebih !!!

P/S/S: Mari baca blog Hang Babi yang rempit sikit. Dan juga belog Odri di sini.
Lawatilah Shahril punya blog di sini.

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