Friday, July 29, 2005


I've Betrayed.


Anyway, I've decided to return to blogspot after 1 year plus of blogging blurly admist lousy service "trial blogging". I've been screwed around by the people that work there, pfft, lazy idiots who probably do nothing more than shave their legs at the office. Nyeh!! *ugly sneer*

And who those I gave the links to:


*Mad Hatter scurries around serving tea with dormouse pee inside*

I was pissed at the lousy blogging service, the sleepless restless nights (my fault actually), the scorching hot weather that made all my M&Ms melt, etc.etc. But now that I have a new blog, and my camera card is working, I'm fucking happy, and the world is lime green again.


In case you were wondering what I was doing at 3/4 something a.m this morning...


Read it. It says LAND HERE in the middle, LAND HO (HO?!) below, near the retarded but freaking adorable alien (tongue sticking out) and out of sight, behind the trees = I'M MAKIN' A HO'.

Jobless, harmless (except to snails: condolences, my dear snail brother) people in the wee hours of the morning.

Have a nice life now, people. :O)

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