Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Child birth in mce1033!!

In the middle of MCE 1013 Comput3r Environm3nt, from the cables and wires and browsers or whatever she was talking about, suddenly she groaned.

The set of half-dead people in front, their brains set to screensaver mode woke up slowly, distracted by the "noise".

"Bising-a! Apo kacau2 tido ni!,"some irritated guy muttered loudly.

Right in the middle of a Computer Environment (Unarguably the most boring subject in Beta FCM first sem.), the lecturer was giving birth!!! Unbelievable! Transition has occured!
(Before: Dim, sleep-inducing lecture, in a cold, air-conditioned room. People waking up occassionally when she uttered the word last, in a vain effort of trying to fool the sleepy-heads into thinking that the class was almost over. Slides after slides of insomnia-curing text.)

Dennis, the class perv a random helpful boy, sprung into action to help her deliver the child.

Photography-crazy Lesly was standing by, taking photos and exclaiming in wonder. (This is the being who took photos of us laughing at them after they got conned =)))

Odri was praying.

But of course that did not happen. Sorry to waste your time, but you got conned into reading a few paragraphs of nonsense. AHHAAHAAHAHA, loser.

However, the most interesting thing that happened during class was when class was declared (finally) over, and we rushed out too fast, blinded temporairily by the white light.

Disclaimer: All events in this entry have been fictionalised, and do not intend any harm to the readers, in case of the readers being lecturers of the writer herself. *gasp*

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