Tuesday, May 23, 2006

3 weeks of doing practically nothing.
No datelines whatsoever.
Ahh, smells like bliss already.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


2 Min in Painter 9

I never felt alone
Till I met you
I'm alright on my own
And then I met you

Monday, May 15, 2006


Portraits in Acrylic.

Self-Portrait. The final piece was a 2 hour "paintjob", messy and purplish in color.

Whole-body portrait. At first I painted it in black and white, with the intention of submitting it in black and white if :
1. No one was going to stop me
2. No announcements from The Great Lord V. was made.
3. No panicked, forwarded IMs were made saying what was not allowed/what happened to the kid who did in BnW.

Then Miss Mock Turtle (Ok lah ok lah not your fault lah ok lah I know lah ok? =)) ) had to rain on my parade saying that it WAS not allowed. Goddammit, so much for getting away with less chromas.

I tried about 5 color combinations, right on the Illustration board (feeling brave, but mostly lazy) and even gave myself a lil heart attack when I ended up with a crappy one after a whole evening. I had unintentionally covered up most of the lines on the face. So, slowly, I peeled off the colors. And the colors came right off! WEeee, thank God for acrylics!

Then I painted on top of the black and white layer with another color combo, which worked.

Five minutes and forty seven years later...

Ta-da! My first ever self-portrait, done in Acrylics. I didn't eat any, so I had some extra to color the sides to cover up for the mess I made.

Ok that's it. I didn't even take a picture of my unfinished sculpture, but it's ok. I'm sure I'll get it back. :D
He'll beg me to take it back! :D

And now that I've submitted all my stuff for Design Process, I have no more purpose in life.
It all feels so surreal that I have nothing more to do. Nothing more to rush for.



Monday, May 08, 2006


Yago's X-Ray

Idling around = 4 hours
Finding the stupid tutorial after filtering through useless book ads = 2 hours.
"Break"-time = 1 hour
Messing around with Maya aimlessly = 1 hour
Resizing Yago = 1 hour
Finding Yago's eyelid, tongue and teeth in a 3d environment (sorry lah I'm blind one!) = 1 hour
Rigging the flucking-KNNCCB-ing thing = 3 hours

Getting this = Ahhh.



Wrapping Paper Night Sky

Man I DO like to spend time when I'm supposed to be working.

With a sculpture animation sketchbook portrait pending and whatnot.

I'M IN DEEP HOT SHIT..and I'm wasting time watching stars. Mmmm. *damn freaking lazy and dreamy*

Damn you mosquitoes!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Honey Lime Throatwash

Washing my throat with lime.

Ahhh, bliss *in the old man in singlet's voice*

More assignments piling up like Tetris blocks.
What AM I going to DO with them?? Go clean your freaking room!

I can't help feeling that the lecturers are men in white lab coats, laughing manically while piling us lab rats with assignments and seeing how far we'll go NOT TO DO IT AGAIN NEXT SEM. WTF. And what it'll take to make us end up in the trash like that rat I saw. (FCMers also do not make good pet owners.)

No wonder we're all suicidal. *__*

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