Tuesday, September 27, 2005


EMO EMO wrong timing.

Want to run across shopping carts in the "So Julie" video clip
and help the Guai Lou find the girl

Thrash the piano in the "Ai Wo Hai Shi Ta" video
and bitchslap the girl in red for being such a great actress

Get splashed in mud and rain in the "Flood" song
and make a mud mask then wash it off with rain

Grow big eyes like an anime character
Then cry while listening to emo songs and flood this place

Smash glass and blood into an exam paper
then pour water over it, like in "Grade A student."

BAHxxxx. Just want to lie on the bed in yellow light and stare at the ceiling being emo. And not doing work. Especially 3D Max. Toot Toot Toot. #@%%^$%^

Utamakeh. Sorry, saya bodo. UTAHAMAKEH. sounds like Hakka. Bodo betul.
More stupid stuff. Bodo1.

it's 'utaHAmakeh' dear. bodoh.
so fast do finish ur work summore got time to complain. UP YOURS!!! >:)>:)>:)
auds: sorry hahaa :">

charel: apalah...not done also.
OI!!! BOTH ALSO WRONG!!! it's utUhamakeh!!! >:P

huh? *confused* last time u typed it as that way so I've always thought that it was the right way. Typo? :D
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