Saturday, September 17, 2005


You TooTers, I hope you're reading this.

But then again, if you are, you probably aren't doing your jobs, you sick goons.

Two bloody weekends in a row!!!

!@#$@%#$ Never had I expected this shit to be flooding this way! And it's not even the weekend yet. Ok, now it is, but it happened before the weekend, dammit. NEVER cut off the water supply like this when I'm about to make myself a hot bowl of Indon Mee!


It would be funny, of course, if:
A. This did not happen to me.
B. Someone esle had shampooed him/herself halfway and had no water to wash him/herself off with, but had no choice but to wipe him/herself with Kleenex to dry HAHAHAAHHHHHA!, and I got to know about it.
C. This all happened while I was asleep.

And I've run out of coins because I sillyly bought a can drink with all the coins that I owned. Now I'm thirsty and pissed. I think I'm going to drink some pipe water and go to bed swearing at everyone's mothers tonight, good night.

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