Sunday, September 25, 2005


Mike, I like.

1. Firstly, the guy who introduced himself as "Mike" had an Indian accent.

2. He talked at a pretty quick pace, with no irritating background music or sound effects, but with an interesting accent to keep listeners entertained.

3. Then he started saying that people liked to spit in his face just to get themselves heard. So, he is a REAL mike!

4. Finally, he said that the smokers are the worst because they have bad breath, spit like crazy and smell like walking ash-trays themselves. Ok, the last few I added, but heheh.

What a surprise! Finally a Malaysian smoking advertisement on radio that doesn't have:
a.) People wheezing/coughing like they have TB and chicken fat in their throats.
b.) A man with a deep, scary voice saying things like, "Do you know what you're doing when you're breathing in those cancer sticks???." *Deep, throaty, dramatic whisper* "You don't, but you're probably killing a small, thin *wheezing sound* innocent kid...."

Ahh, so refreshing. Finally, a radio advertisement that I like so much I hope they play it often enough for me to memorise. Hahahhaha.
Beware, dear friends. *thunder strikes*

i didnt really like it..
the other no smoking ad was the rap/r&b like song thingy..
i find them lame.
shoot me for my lack of appreciation of humour..
Ehh, somehow I like it a little. :D
owh I'm weird. heh. :">
yeah, the rap one was uber lame. it made getting cancer by smoking sound cool.
haha!!! told you guys im not the weird one here!!! *NYAHAHAHAHA*

-me and only me-
anyway, no comment on the ad. :P

-me and only me AGAIN-

Cos you haven't heard it, you babi. =))

-The one they call "retard" because they're jealous, HAHAHAHAAHHHHH!!-
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