Thursday, January 12, 2006

Fronting shining eyes
Delicate pleasant smiles
But behind a translucent curtain
You give yourself away.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Omen? *! gasp gasp*

Now before I color that poster, I have to color this.
Actually I kinda like coloring with a graphics tablet.

I had some freaky shit dream this morning, and I woke up with one leg frozen/numb/still sleeping.

In that s.s dream, Lord. V. rejected my assignment. Except that it wasn't some poster, it was some funny thumbnails thingy, where we were supposed to draw two pages of different drawings and write some words. And ALL OF US were getting a sounding for NOT PRINTING THE WORDS. Gawddd. Highly ridiculous and nonsensical now that I've actually typed it out and see it like this.

Anyway, he not only sounded us ONE BY ONE, he also gave me some kind of advice. And get this, for me, he advised me to do some McD's (c) LOGO!!!

A McDs logo!


Might be starving or something during the time of the dream.

What a dream to have at a time like this, when I still haven't got the time to start on my (now possibly jinxed for life) poster.

Like the old guy in Love Actually might say, (I think his name was Bill)... BUGGER ASS WANK FUCK LETS START OVER AGAIN...

Friday, January 06, 2006


Tummy Greeting!

Stolen from Birthday girl, Haze.

I thought this was hilarious, kind of like a set of Hamtaro(c)s. Hahhahahha!

Dennis: Heyyyy, Babyyy!! *insert Indian slang*
Tan: *Cute lil girl pose, with knife behind back? :P*
Calvin: *Trying to look pot-bellied* *Eh, strikes anime pose anyway*
Lesly + Belly: You KNOW you want me.. *eyebrows raising 5 times*
Ivan: *Trying to look nonchalant with hiked-up pants* (GAWDDD.. am I really doing this?!!)
David: ELH!!!

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Ugly green handwriting. (You've been warned!)

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