Friday, September 30, 2005


4 Kinds of Forwarded Messages Sent by emm-emm-you people.

1. Yahoo/Friendster is closing down.

Like wtf/utahamakeh (shaddap, I don't care anymore. HAHAHAHAHHAH). Friendster has horoscope, blogs and now a cuper-chuin tracker that tracks down how many people forward this shit?! Unbelievable as this is, I once sent about 5 or 6 of these messages. Orgh, the blindingly stupid past.

2. Some poor kid is dying.

In case you think I won't dwell on this because I'm scared of being shot to death for sounding mean... I don't freaking care!!! >:P Wahahhaha, go away because this si my blog. *dushhh dushhh* Yes, some poor kid in USJ is having a rare blood disease and all we're doing is forwarding messages to ward of the guilt. Then, after forwarding the message and irritating 200 people on your list, you smile contentedly and continue surfing.

3. Uh-ho! Some poor people have lost their pencil cases, library books, wallets, brains, etc.

Because it had been lost/most probably stolen in the first place, did you think that you're ever going to get it back? CIS BUDAK SIAL! Stop irritating me already. Like I'll ever find that wallet/whatever you're missing anyway. And even if I did, did you think that I'd actually message cookie_orange_girl to return it? I had probably plan to steal it anyway.

4. Dreaded good luck messages. (Usually comes from the CLS community)

As if the ASCII ones (which form the shape of some cute bunny or pig or elephants) are not annoying enough, they have ones made with Chinese characters too. How cute and lucky I feel now that I have received a good luck message like this! ^__^


OK, I've pissed off people enough. I think I'm going to go and study now.

*double dush*

guilty. i have ym-ed about lost items befoer you know.. >:P
me too... :">
remember lesly's libray books? :))
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