Monday, September 12, 2005


My Idea of Heaven and Hell.

My idea of hell:

1. The guy who'll be "judging" me having a funny mask face and doing a stupid pose, and I won't be able to laugh.

2. Posers posing wherever I look.

3. Seeing Justice Pao advertising Sos Tiram Cap Kapak and he himself holding the wrong tool.

4. Seeing people like these walking around, with no legs.

5. Getting bashed up by another funny masked guy.

6. Getting whacked up with a mop handle by a guy like this.

(Ok, this I might not mind, selamba abit HAHA!!)

7. Meeting someone like this who nags 700 times more than my own mother. *faints*

8. Or someone who'll castrate me even though I don't have a thingy.

9. Or sweet girls who'll stuff sickeningly sweet lollipops down my throat, with expressions like these.

10. Someone who looks exactly like me, who'll shake her lollipop at me while that happens.

11. Being forced to watch gay porn.

And cute gay porn.

And guys like these, wearing little red feminine sweaters.

12. Punishers will make me learn how to make newspaper clothes so that I will be able to walk hell in style.

13. I will have be forced to watch TVB Drama Series with classic and overused scenes like these:

Opps!! I'm sorry...*gazes into eyes and electricity flying all around*

14. Stepping on things like these...

Ape ni?!! Clue: It belongs to Neenee Wee Peepee, and it's relatively clean.
*ehh, think properly la, people!!!*

15. ...
Never mind, I think you understand.


My Idea of Heaven:

1. Strawberry ice-cream from Raju's whenever you feel like it.
2. A huge patch of yellow flowers to lie in and look up at the beautiful sky, while reading comics and eating the above.

3. Looking up in the evenings at seeing skies like these. *bliss*

*plucks cotton candy from clouds and pops it into mouth*

4. Flowers like these that grow in abundant.

5. With cold climates that places like these have:

6. Once a while to be entertained by humans and umbrellas...

...and watching horror movies on my wall-sized movie screen. *glass door also can la...*

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