Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Your toothpaste brand?

If you were a toothpaste brand, your name would be?
*Heck, go make up your own!*

I'd like you to answer in the comment box please. (-:

MR TOOTHPASTE?!! =)) So you man... hmm...wat would i be? WHITEY?

-sn0w bunNy-
I'd call myself "yellow" if i was a toothpaste brand. hehee
i guess i'd be 'smiley'
or 'bare it'

I'd be "Sparky"! *bling bling*
seriousartstudent, ur toothpaste is SO not gonna sell, man... -__-"
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I know!!! =))
Intentionally, HAHHAAHAHA!!!
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