Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ink Shits.


Die, you ballpoint pen ink blot-shits!

Ink-Shit #53

Strangely, I think I'm getting better at this kind of drawing. Drawing fine hairs with pen, then quickly wiping off the ink blot-shits on anything esle other than my sketch book. Then when I'm finished, I write some crap time and date on the bottom right hand of the sheet to fool Lord V. that I've been drawing everyday. Then I get a high.

Then I count how many I have to do again tomorrow to be "on the right track."

One freaking more, HUAHAHAHAHAA!!! *confetti all around*


Monday, November 28, 2005


Your Personality IS...

Inspired by: PQ PQ PQ :P

Your Personality is...


You are passionate at what you like, care only about the people worth caring about, and you are unique (just like everyone else).

You usually make decisions without using your head first, thus your motto is "Make it, then if it breaks, then only fix it la!."

You prefer a few good friends, rather than many friends, and if they have cars, all the better!

At work, you crave personal expression and meaning in your career. Wtvr.

With others, you communicate well. You can spend all night talking with people, especially about nonsensical crap.

On weekends, you like to hibernate sleep and. You don't have extra money for yourself, even less for charity.

You love wu liaw surveys like these, although you already know all about yourself, and even more than what other people should know. Huahahahahah!

(Sorry was bored.)

Thursday, November 24, 2005



I did a bit of lepaking by myself today.
Went around the campus and did a bit of sketching on a hill behind the Uni buildings.
The weather was unusually balmy and cool. Felt like I was in another place; quite peaceful and breezy. It didn't even rain. :-)
Should do this more often.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Lesson 2- Drawing With Lord. V!

Every Wednesday morning I get scared shitless in Design class.

This morning, I remembered to bring my loose sheets of drawings, remembered to bring a sketch pad, even remembered to wear shoes.

But I was _____ this close to being kicked out of class.

The man was FURIOUS. His ears were smokin'! He yelled, lectured, and kicked a few people out of his class.

I thought, sitting in a corner at the back of the class, that I was safe. Until he went around looking at people's sketches.

*heart sinking slowly like a ship*

Then he yelled at this guy for not binding his loose sheets.


Thank God he skipped the corner where I sat.

I almost thought I was gonna get it when the guy right in front of me got TOOTed. He drew something like looked to me like a clock/circle + triangles.

Lord V: Ape ni?
TOOTed_boy: *too speechless to speak*

The furious one then scrunched up the piece of paper and threw it at him. Right in the kisser! Right there and then, I had this crazy urge to laugh. But I couldn't. His back was facing me. CRAP!! Almost gave my invisible position away.

Lord V. then walked off, in true style. Might have come out of an old cowboy movie I tell you. Takes gun of a poor, pathetic fellow, bends it, and throws it right in his face.

Aih, just another day in Design class...


Too Slow, Just Too Slow...

Following the drawing assignment, I was looking for looking sub-consciously for something to draw for the assignment.

Something in Cyberjaya that we have aplenty. Something not boring... alive if possible.


During dinnertime I spotted 3 cats, including a kitten. A greyish mother cat, its kitten, and another black and white "waiter" cat. Suddenly I had this spastic urge to kidnap the kitten into my room for the drawing assignment. After seeing it mauling somebody's leftovers around on the next table...erh. *puke* changed my mind.

On the way back from dinner, I saw two cats, lying near each other with their feet tucked cosily underneath their bodies.

BABI ALL ALSO TAK JADI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Those little boogers kept on looking at me as though they knew I was drawing them and seemed to be making things harder for me. When I had completed an eye, it would stretch or look away.
Didn't help that when one moved, the other had to follow. So when I was drawing the one that was sleeping, the other one would move, causing the sleeping one to wake up and follow it to another corner.



Sunday, November 20, 2005


Smokin' Aquarium???

Firstly, it started with hundreds of red and white balloons, and a huge light blue (Lord V. would be horrified!!) cake, at a Chinese wedding. The bride wore a maroon dress and the groom wore a white suit. (Nothing much here, just putting some colors into your head.)

Moments after the bride and groom walked on the red carpet onto the stage, loud, disturbing music started playing. The kind that sounds like a westernised orchestra playing at Ah Pak's funeral. Scared the hell out of everyone, especially when the violin in the melody got shrill. Then there was a candle light at the end of the room.

Eh? I thought this was a wedding?!

A waiter came carrying a plateful of food, a candle in the middle. He was then followed by waiters and waitresses, each carrying a dish with a candle in the middle.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!
*Doreamon dances around with fireworks*

Some of the waiters and waitresses mentioned just now turned around and walked to the back, like they were moving in a circle or something. All of us noticed this waiter, who was walking quite strangely.

At first sight, you'd think that his crotch was on fire. A few seconds later, you'd think that he was holding a smoking aquarium. With three huge candles inside! When Speedy_Gonzales passed us by, I saw that some kind of smoke-producing thing was underneath the "aquarium." He proceeded to move in the middle of the stage. Then he lifted it up like he was worshipping someone with it. A few times, before he got down the stage and passed us quickly. There was some chocolate stuff inside it, and the candles were melting wax onto it.

The clueless guests then clapped.

I was even more clueless! WTF just happened wei?!
Maybe I'm jakun or something. But I've never seen any weird ritual like this before...anyone cares to enlighten this squid here? :-/

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Drawing 101

It was like taking some kind of exam.
We were given 30 minutes to complete a drawing of a night market, and another 30 more minutes to draw 5 animals.

The night market was alright, because on our watercolors trip to Cameron's, I got stranded in the rain while sketching and was drawing the scene for quite a while. Yes, while Charel and I were drawing the oranges displayed, suddenly... FLIPP...they were covered with plastic sheets to prevent them from getting wet. *slaps head*

Animals?! *panicks trying to remember which category it belonged in*
:"> I drew a butterfly in a last minute effort to complete the little test. But they're insects, right?

Since all of us practically failed his test, now we have to do 50 drawings (of anything) until the end of the sem. Which is about A DRAWING PER DAY with 4 days leave!
*swears at somebody's grandmother*

To motivate myself:

1. I'd probably be able to draw with my nostrils feet at the end of the sem! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

2. I'll have lovely handwriting, in cursive!!! Or whatever that looks impressive or feminine, dammit!

3. I'll have an express sketch portfolio!= which I will photocopy and show to my client when I look for a job next time. Gahahhaha, I'm so clever. *rubs own head*

Erm, yah, before I forget. Whoever who's interested in posing for me, nude/wrapped in toilet paper, please contact me as soon as possible. (Preferably under 120 kilograms, thanks.)

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Reminds me again it's worth it all

So I can go home

Monday, November 14, 2005


Art Class Daze.

I was one of those kids whose parents sent to art classes, them hoping that I'll probably turn into a Picasso of some kind and support them for life after selling a 5"X5" painting.

Erm, in a way, I kinda got into the arts-related (industry?) bidang whatever. They're cursing under their breaths right now, wishing that I had gotten my ass in Engineering instead. Art supplies, developing photos, camera, blablabla. I hope my dad doesn't get a heart attack when he learns that I need a video camera next year.

"This is really going to cost you..."

*pushes negative thoughts aside*

Do parents automatically assume you're going to be some great mathematical genius just because you liked playing with calculators as a kid? :-/ I hope not, cos all I did to get my bro (hahaha, poor kid!) into art classes was draw a few manual game books. Owh, you know, the kind that were "in" in primary school and required players (friends that were forced to play) to choose some kind of route to finish a whole exercise book of game.

Players choose route, weapon, ways of attacking (by mouth and sharp stabs of the pencil on the game book, of course. Usually accompanied by great amounts of spit.)

That's all it took. Zipppp. Suddenly, Saturday mornings were early days, the two "great to-be artists" waking up at 6.30 a.m in the morning to attend art class near the old KTM station. Great_Teacher_Artist was a simple, selamba (all the better) Indian man who we didn't think was so great at that time. In fact, we thought that our dad paid him to tell us to draw, teach a bit when we did wrong, and read The Star until the end of the lesson.

Bah, greatness and its simplicity. 0.01% probability, but if you're reading this, Great_Teacher_Artist, TEACH ME AGAIN!!!

During the first lesson, we were told to draw whatever we liked, to show him where we were. I remember drawing a vase in garish blue and green, and thinking naively that it was some kind of masterpiece. To my surprise (surprise, surprise) he told me off. No shadows! No tone!
Both my bro and I got the idea that we'd be staying for a long, loooonnnng, time to get to where he wanted us to be. Hahaha.

Great_Teacher_Artist told us to get a box of 48 colour pencils each. We thought it'd be some kind of temporary thing. Right? Colour pencils, then move onto watercolors, and so on, riiiiighht? Opps, wrong again.

As far I can remember we used them for a few months, until we stopped. During those months we copied pictures from coloring books (I couldn't see the point then, thought we could just color right in), colored those pictures, colored pictures that he drew (10-seconds-stuff), and still life. We bought oranges, brinjals, eggplant, (Again! brinjals and eggplants! WTF.), and other kinds of vege to draw, usually eating them for lunch afterwards.

Got tired of his lessons and waking up early, and we stopped.

Then later we went to another art class, this time with my sis as well.
When we paid fees for the entire month, we entered the class for the first time and almost died of shock.

KIDS!! Shorter than my waist, running around like...
kids. It was like being trapped in an asylum! We were doing stuff like cutting newspaper and pasting them on art block, painting with fingers, free painting... !@#@@$!
I got so tired of her voice, the way she plucked my brushes just because they wouldn't smooth to a fine point, and mostly because we weren't getting anything out of it.

Once, we had a little conversation: (words to that effect la)

Me: (Getting sick of doing collage) How do you make trees differ from each other when you paint? They're of the same kind.

Scary_A_Woman: Just paint them differently. Add a bit of blue to this one, and the one next to it, add more green so that you can see that they're different.

I took her word for it. Even after observing real trees of the same species WEREN'T of different shades, I just painted them that way to differ them. Thank God I don't do that now, they'd just look out of place.

My third art class, which lasted for a day, was a "trial" kind, which I went with my friend Lindz. The teacher was really enthusiastic, which I liked, and she was even having an exhibition then.

Chun_Art_Guru: What do you want to learn?

Me: (Wah, you're a master of some kind a..) (dun believe) er, photo-realism?

Chun_Art_Guru: *excitedly* Ok!

She told me that materials weren't important then, but the skills required. Of course I didn't believe her then (MAN I'm a skeptic!) because I practically worshipped acrylic at that time. She let me use acrylic anyway, because I insisted.

Chun_Art_Guru taught me about layers and their importance in making the painting "ada substance." She also taught me that the importance of creating art is greater than merely painting from real-life. (For the first lesson, she told me to paint an apple in front of me, enlarged and halved)

Of course now I know that Chun_Art_Guru was actually right about creating realistic pieces using any kind of materials. Not that I've achieved that standard or anything. Haha.

So how exactly did we found out about how great Great_Teacher_Artist was?

Well my mom was at some kind of art academy and she found Uni students drawing apples! So being kids then, we were kind of "advanced" already! Cheh wah! *smug* So all the years of drawing still life finally drilled a little observing skills in me.
All the more sharpened by watching people. *koff* *koff*

If you were not sleepy before, you should be by now.
So am I. Bluergh, zzz.

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