Saturday, September 17, 2005


Acrylic the pest.

I'll try to remember not to get too much acrylic on my skin the next time.

This bugger material is hard to come off! It goes into my fingernails and skin pores and just sticks there, refusing to come off until I scratch it.
The result? Red skin and a very irritated/pissed me.

There's something esle I'll remember for some time though- Never wear a bright yellow shirt in Mr. Ken N's morning class.

What YOU remind me of:

1. Jesus
2. Pink nike jacket.
3. White Satria + Range Rovers/hyperism

1. Pigs/Shit
2. Being "normal".
3. Purple and white/luga luga.

1. Cafes and sitting in them drinking coffee on a rainy day.
2. Blue and white collared shirt.
3. Good books/sacarcasm dammit, however you spell that.

4. Haze:
1. Leather skirt, candy ear-rings + chopstick hair-thingy
2. That Penny Tai song on her blog that I still can't turn off.
3. Painter 9.

5. Calvin:
2. Anime character that looks like him in a cap/Cantonese/comics.
3. That pretty Korean actress that he'd like to *lick*, heh.

6. David:
1. Camel Shoes bought cheap.
2. CREED/The Rock (*gasp* The embarrassing past that cannot be forgotten)
3. Funny Flash Videos/Dr. Hew...and lately, DOTA.

7. Dawg:
1. That dog-fox hybrid that you always draw.
2. Orange/Your mouse-bitten, cracked, hopeless phone.
3. Wild boar bones.

8. Dennis:
1. Procrastinating Perfectionist.
2. ! *click* DICKIE
3. Perasan idiots...HAHAHAAH!!!

9. Ivan:
1. Weird + exaggerated + crap-funny anime expressions.
2. The top bunk.
3. Black ski caps.

10. Lesly:
1. Smelly shoes/a bag that smells comfortingly of my dog.
2. NIKON D70s.
3. Shaven clean head.

11. Snecx:
1. Hardcore skates/bike stuff.
2. Webbie-like stuff/design in silver and grey.
3. The Italiano hand sign. :-D

This will be a crazy, long week. (Not worth hanging yourself over, though.)

and you..
you remind me of
1. spasticity with the f word blended
2. crazy insane laughter (mad hatter-ish) LOL
3. dogs
mysTic said:

you remind me of:
1. your black and yellow slippers
2. sotong
3. a little girl on the side of the road sucking a lollipop then jabbing it in someone's eye if you dont like their face.

-PeaCe OuTz-

...and also little kittens sleeping in a corner...

NO 3 is funny HAAHAHHAHAA!!!
I think I must be in trouble then o_0
You remind me of:
1. angst ridden blogs filled to the max with bullet holes and tastefully selected swear words.
2. ice cream sessions and night walks.
3. cameron KEA farm market. cheers.

Your post reminds me of:
1. my post. hmm. u got inspired eh? ;;)
actually i thought of it the night before i read ur post..I guess that makes me physhic then huh? ;)
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