Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Have a panadol ready.

In Environmental Design class we were told to sketch a "surprise element" for a car booth at an exhibition hall.

When it was my turn to present:

: A race track, built around the exhibition hall! blablabla...
Mr.F : *after a few seconds* HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BUILD IT?

No wait it was more like: . He was almost pixelated-shocked.

I think I was either (in my own world), , or

The rest of the class was either , , or .
If he was Lord Voldemort he would have said, spit flying all around, "WHAT?! Are you a , , , or a ?!." But he's not lah, so he didn't. AHAHAHAHA. Potong Stim betul.

Of course 30 minutes out of class I realised I missed out one important word. Mini.

I suspect he was the one that was "in charge" of scaring the not-so-happy MI campers during the last camp. And he was the one that probably got a little shock when I screamed back !!!!!!! (And after a few seconds squinting into the dark at them).....OH .

Anyway he was nice enough not to over-react on 2 occasions. Owh no wait, it's three. Third one not involving me when he was inside a toilet stall (during a lecture break), heard a classmate of ours say,"Damn boringah the class", and walked out with a deadpan, non-plussed face. In front of them! Dangit, this guy's got class!

Hope he's got a sense of humour.

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