Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Mooncake Celebration Recipe.

5 large mouthfuls of mooncake
2 glasses of hot, bitter tea, preferably with tea leaves
3 doses of insane laughing
200 spoonfuls of camera flashes
30 mugs of weird, dumb expressions and candid shots
5 sprinkles of hyperism
3 dashes of cussing
10 ounces of jumping/climbing buildings/ladders/rails/whatever
5 teaspoons of a beautiful bridge
1 playground with a swing and see-saw
12 candles and a lighter (nyahhahahha)
9 servings of good old fattening mamak food, accompanied by Fear Factor and mamak food stories.

Blend it altogether. Finally, add:
1 more grateful prayer that Lesly we didn't break anything on the playground.

i cant believe i missed out on this much. *depressed*
sorry for sounding so cliche, but...
all good stuff. dont' mind getting another one of those recipes sometime soon. ;)

-SnoW bunNy
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