Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Three Gila Days @ camp


1. Was given a combination of bread with Maggi Mee and (separately) boiled egg, instead of egg with bread or Maggi mee with egg.

2. Saw a red and black water snake cruising up and down the river from which I drank water from. (the water tasted like chicken)

3. Saw a fat leech being stabbed to a writhing mass of blood and (what was left of) its tail, seconds after thinking that it couldn't possibly be stabbed to death, what more with that rubber-like skin of it.

4. Threw a papaya in a shadow play too high up, exposing not only the (not supposed to be seen) shadow of my hand, but the fruit as well hahahaha!

As said by a bewildered witness : Yea.. I saw the real thing!

5. Got my slipper ruined by a bamboo bridge and walked around barefoot for sometime. Was most enjoyable in the early morning too.

6. Walked pass a cemetery while BoyWhoAsksStupidQuestionsAtTheWrongTime asked "Eh, is that a cemetery?," three times to three different people, none who dared answer him.

7. Was scared the shit out of during the start of my solo drop by two people, to which I screamed "FUCKKKKKKKK!!." and repeated the expletive again when I realised that one of the "scarers" looked similar to my lecturer (with moustache and a fat pouch). Then I heard two cheeky pipsqueaks laughing waay in front at my misfourtune. *sigh*

8. Heard a gentle-looking, tudung clad Malay girl scream "FUCKKKKK!!!," in the most un-gentle manner as she slipped and nearly fell behind me.

9. Slept through a frog's loud croaking (apparently right behind our heads) for two nights.

10. Hated the guts of the ice-cream man for blatantly lying to another customer about the QueenOfHearts having "salah order"ed when HE heard wrongly and gave us two cones instead of one. TARAK BOLA KE MAMAK!

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