Monday, July 24, 2006


8-inch pianist

Place: Mamak
Characters: Miss Joke Dispenser, Mr. Blade Lover, Me, and friends.

It all started with a lame joke, one of the many that Virtual Reality (VR) students share when their lecturers "excuse themselves for a moment".

As told by Miss Joke Dispenser:
(Joke's colorful adjectives has been taken out sorry lazy and eye pain)
A man walked into a bar, where he saw a little 8-inch man playing the piano.
So he asked the barman where he got the lil fella.

The barman told him that he got him from a genie outside who granted wishes.

The man rushed out. Moments later he came back, with a million ducks following him.

"WTF! I asked for a million bucks, not ducks, is he deaf or something?!,"he huffed angrily.

The barman rolled his eyes. "What, did you think I asked for an 8 inch...

At this moment the joke was interupted by everyone at the table laughing. I was stoned.

WTF rhymes with man..8-inch man..

"Pianist," said Miss Joke Dispenser. Everyone at the table had more or less done laughing.

"WHAT!!," exclaimed me, still figuring our what the heck rhymed with pianist and yet had the same meaning as "dick".

"Peee, Peee," Mr. Blade Lover mouthed silently and furiously, trying to save whatever part of my face that was left.

By now part of the mamak was quiet. The mamak guy standing nearby our table was staring at our little quiet conversation.

"PENIS! AN EIGHT-INCH PENIS!!!," Mr. Blade Lover finally screamed, gesticulating madly with his two hands. Onlookers would have the impression that it was a 10-inch specimen instead.

Before we left I saw a few more workers who have apparently been listening in/watching. STONED.

YES I HAVE A PROBLEM. It's pe-nis (as in nurse)..dammit!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 10, 2006


Ice-Cream Puffs

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Still waiting for a random Singaporean to invent ICE-CREAM PUFFS™, have little shops all over Singapore called "Ais Krim Paf Boy"™ and have the craze spread to this country, where we will come up with our own versions of it, namely:
1. The family group: Ais Krim PapaPaf, Ais Krim MamaPaf and Ais Krim GrandPaPaf,
2. Influenced by famous names: McPaf, Paf King and Secret Puffs,
3. It would be a sin, of course, not to name some MyPuffs. *cough* *cough* (Hey, another way of saying lumps/boobs omg)

And here we will call it CyberPuffs, cos, you know, since we're so.. Cyber and all.

An ice-cream puff= just what I need to battle Flash, sound, and all these multimediacrapshit. Meanwhile, these ingenious ice-cream emoticons will have to do.

@> @> @>

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