Sunday, November 20, 2005


Smokin' Aquarium???

Firstly, it started with hundreds of red and white balloons, and a huge light blue (Lord V. would be horrified!!) cake, at a Chinese wedding. The bride wore a maroon dress and the groom wore a white suit. (Nothing much here, just putting some colors into your head.)

Moments after the bride and groom walked on the red carpet onto the stage, loud, disturbing music started playing. The kind that sounds like a westernised orchestra playing at Ah Pak's funeral. Scared the hell out of everyone, especially when the violin in the melody got shrill. Then there was a candle light at the end of the room.

Eh? I thought this was a wedding?!

A waiter came carrying a plateful of food, a candle in the middle. He was then followed by waiters and waitresses, each carrying a dish with a candle in the middle.

Jeng Jeng Jeng!
*Doreamon dances around with fireworks*

Some of the waiters and waitresses mentioned just now turned around and walked to the back, like they were moving in a circle or something. All of us noticed this waiter, who was walking quite strangely.

At first sight, you'd think that his crotch was on fire. A few seconds later, you'd think that he was holding a smoking aquarium. With three huge candles inside! When Speedy_Gonzales passed us by, I saw that some kind of smoke-producing thing was underneath the "aquarium." He proceeded to move in the middle of the stage. Then he lifted it up like he was worshipping someone with it. A few times, before he got down the stage and passed us quickly. There was some chocolate stuff inside it, and the candles were melting wax onto it.

The clueless guests then clapped.

I was even more clueless! WTF just happened wei?!
Maybe I'm jakun or something. But I've never seen any weird ritual like this before...anyone cares to enlighten this squid here? :-/

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