Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Lesson 2- Drawing With Lord. V!

Every Wednesday morning I get scared shitless in Design class.

This morning, I remembered to bring my loose sheets of drawings, remembered to bring a sketch pad, even remembered to wear shoes.

But I was _____ this close to being kicked out of class.

The man was FURIOUS. His ears were smokin'! He yelled, lectured, and kicked a few people out of his class.

I thought, sitting in a corner at the back of the class, that I was safe. Until he went around looking at people's sketches.

*heart sinking slowly like a ship*

Then he yelled at this guy for not binding his loose sheets.


Thank God he skipped the corner where I sat.

I almost thought I was gonna get it when the guy right in front of me got TOOTed. He drew something like looked to me like a clock/circle + triangles.

Lord V: Ape ni?
TOOTed_boy: *too speechless to speak*

The furious one then scrunched up the piece of paper and threw it at him. Right in the kisser! Right there and then, I had this crazy urge to laugh. But I couldn't. His back was facing me. CRAP!! Almost gave my invisible position away.

Lord V. then walked off, in true style. Might have come out of an old cowboy movie I tell you. Takes gun of a poor, pathetic fellow, bends it, and throws it right in his face.

Aih, just another day in Design class...

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