Thursday, November 17, 2005


Drawing 101

It was like taking some kind of exam.
We were given 30 minutes to complete a drawing of a night market, and another 30 more minutes to draw 5 animals.

The night market was alright, because on our watercolors trip to Cameron's, I got stranded in the rain while sketching and was drawing the scene for quite a while. Yes, while Charel and I were drawing the oranges displayed, suddenly... FLIPP...they were covered with plastic sheets to prevent them from getting wet. *slaps head*

Animals?! *panicks trying to remember which category it belonged in*
:"> I drew a butterfly in a last minute effort to complete the little test. But they're insects, right?

Since all of us practically failed his test, now we have to do 50 drawings (of anything) until the end of the sem. Which is about A DRAWING PER DAY with 4 days leave!
*swears at somebody's grandmother*

To motivate myself:

1. I'd probably be able to draw with my nostrils feet at the end of the sem! BWAHAHAHAAHAHA!!!

2. I'll have lovely handwriting, in cursive!!! Or whatever that looks impressive or feminine, dammit!

3. I'll have an express sketch portfolio!= which I will photocopy and show to my client when I look for a job next time. Gahahhaha, I'm so clever. *rubs own head*

Erm, yah, before I forget. Whoever who's interested in posing for me, nude/wrapped in toilet paper, please contact me as soon as possible. (Preferably under 120 kilograms, thanks.)

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