Monday, July 10, 2006


Ice-Cream Puffs

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Still waiting for a random Singaporean to invent ICE-CREAM PUFFS™, have little shops all over Singapore called "Ais Krim Paf Boy"™ and have the craze spread to this country, where we will come up with our own versions of it, namely:
1. The family group: Ais Krim PapaPaf, Ais Krim MamaPaf and Ais Krim GrandPaPaf,
2. Influenced by famous names: McPaf, Paf King and Secret Puffs,
3. It would be a sin, of course, not to name some MyPuffs. *cough* *cough* (Hey, another way of saying lumps/boobs omg)

And here we will call it CyberPuffs, cos, you know, since we're so.. Cyber and all.

An ice-cream puff= just what I need to battle Flash, sound, and all these multimediacrapshit. Meanwhile, these ingenious ice-cream emoticons will have to do.

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