Monday, May 15, 2006


Portraits in Acrylic.

Self-Portrait. The final piece was a 2 hour "paintjob", messy and purplish in color.

Whole-body portrait. At first I painted it in black and white, with the intention of submitting it in black and white if :
1. No one was going to stop me
2. No announcements from The Great Lord V. was made.
3. No panicked, forwarded IMs were made saying what was not allowed/what happened to the kid who did in BnW.

Then Miss Mock Turtle (Ok lah ok lah not your fault lah ok lah I know lah ok? =)) ) had to rain on my parade saying that it WAS not allowed. Goddammit, so much for getting away with less chromas.

I tried about 5 color combinations, right on the Illustration board (feeling brave, but mostly lazy) and even gave myself a lil heart attack when I ended up with a crappy one after a whole evening. I had unintentionally covered up most of the lines on the face. So, slowly, I peeled off the colors. And the colors came right off! WEeee, thank God for acrylics!

Then I painted on top of the black and white layer with another color combo, which worked.

Five minutes and forty seven years later...

Ta-da! My first ever self-portrait, done in Acrylics. I didn't eat any, so I had some extra to color the sides to cover up for the mess I made.

Ok that's it. I didn't even take a picture of my unfinished sculpture, but it's ok. I'm sure I'll get it back. :D
He'll beg me to take it back! :D

And now that I've submitted all my stuff for Design Process, I have no more purpose in life.
It all feels so surreal that I have nothing more to do. Nothing more to rush for.



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