Thursday, April 27, 2006


Time To Bend Over...

And get screwed by the great Lord V.

Indeed, I've been hearing horror stories about him throwing a BF (watch "White Chicks" for dictionary), throwing pedestals and what not, and generally having a spanking great time.

As quoted in YM by one of our very own Beta FCMer, (who indeed shouldn't quit his day job): "who buy the pedestal from *Mr.X* is suck *Lord. V* said and throw the pedestal."

Alrit-e. Informative. @-)

Now the Sir expects a masterpiece-alike sculpture, a studies book about it (must be heavy enough to kill a 2 cats), two fantastic self-portraits, and holy GOD SAVE US, as if that is not enough, at least 50 (I sure hope it's at most 50) sketches on human anotomy.


Accounting does seem rather tempting now.

Well hello, hellooow, Faculty of Management. Hellow, Indian all-girl gangs who listen to only Indian music, and fast-talking Cantonese Chinese girls who only travel in groups of 15!

Anyway, before I saw off my own head/chisel my toe off delieberately to release myself of this pain:

The funniest phrase for today, as said by one of the Cyberia guards after a freak accident:
"Itu orang masak punya gas bocor, apabila masak, api terkena gas, lepas itu letup. Ayam yang dia masak pun terbang!"

HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA!!! It's a classic. I'm so going to remember MMU now!

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