Monday, April 10, 2006


2ND DAY SHOOTING- Fields of (stinging and biting) Gold.

Before we start this long post, I'm going to show you a picture of a kitten.

So this is a picture of a kitten.

Now on to the post.

After the glass reflection scene at Gay Gothic Whore's Place, we shot the grass field scene at Cyberjaya. It was more beautiful than I had imagined.

Sunset and tall + brown stalks:

Tan shooting the scene from above.

Calvin and Wendy during filming.

Director giving orders. Sloooooooooooooooow. *yawn yawn scratch scratch*

The sun was about to set, the whole place was flooded purple-grey, and we were shooting our last scene.

Suddenly, from far away: "HOI!!." Then "PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!." SHittttttttttt. A police car and two police, far far away on the road near the field. Thinking that it was probably nothing, we happily went on filming and sent Ivan to "layan" them instead. After awhile, Ivan called back. And APPARENTLY, (get this ok) ...they thought we were:

a. Smoking pot. (holy frying smoking @$!%$#^#&*&)
b. Filming a porn video
c. Smoking pot while filming porn.

Ok, the last one I made up but WTF?!!! Who the toot in their right minds would smoke pot/film porn at a bugs-and-mosquitoes-infested, stones and long grass-covered ground?!

BODO. They even threatened to bring us to the police station to take urine tests. In the end, nothing serious happened because they confirmed our students statuses.

Freaking pissing off though, especially during the litttle "I'm-a-police-so-build-me-a-shrine-me-session". PAHHH. *spits on random police head*



yeah, police tend to do that. and i thought rizie and megat were nice enough the other day, other than them, theyre just corrupted
wasnt it 'razie' ??
IM NOT SURE. pricks don't have faces, or do they?

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