Saturday, March 25, 2006


You're probably an Beta FCMer in your third semester if...

- You're starting to wish we humans looked like matchsticks.
- You're thinking already in the back of your head how you'd Boolean that building in Maya when you see one.
- You can't wait to get the hell back into your room and start on your assignments while sitting in a boring lecture. (wasting my time!!! GAHH!!)
- You've turned up in at least one morning class alone before, because your mates didn't make it due to some urgent, last-minute assignment and are tidor-mati-ing in bed.
- You'd rather sketch than attend a Creative Communications class.
- You wish you were in Alpha again in FOM.
- One whole week of sleep...never looked better on the screen.
- You're in some kind of a trauma right now.
- You're still AWAKE. Go sleep dammit!

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