Saturday, March 04, 2006


A cup that looks like a monkey.

Which was what I told an idiot after he pretended to ask me if it was a kind of cup. What KIND of people pretends to be bodo, dammit?! Gah, so mind-numbing yet so amusing.

though it's a mighty small one

These are pics of it.

Normal settings

Then I tried to create a fairy-land kind of feel (woozy colors, blurry colors, swirling and half-abstract). Cos, OBVIOUSLY, a fairy would look just about right sleeping in one of these during a rainy day.

Woo..reminds me of a fairy baby.

A cute green one.

Orange peel, the stuff that people throw away and then buy them in little cans when they're cancerous, dried-up and salty. I bet someone's mother invented one of those.

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