Tuesday, December 27, 2005


My Eyelids- Closing Down Like Curtains.

I have a feeling that this will either be a very long night, or a very short one if I give up later.

Hate this groggy, I'll-have-my-eyelids-closing-soon-and-I'll-be-gone-in-a-bang feeling. But of course, two hours later and I'll still be up like a zombie, stoning a little thinking about what I'm supposed to be doing and doing it slowly. Then at about five a.m in the morning, I'll suddenly think "GAWDD! Why is it so mind-numbingly cold?!," and the birds will begin to chirp. Then I'll feel a little woozy again in the head and I'll go and turn off the lights.

Aren't we all familiar with the routine?... fwstewrwrewrb.

And GAHH!! I'm running out of things to draw, too. Or maybe it's just an excuse.

*dee dee dee dum dum*

*fiddly diddly doo*

*ting tong tiang*

Oh, and Celine, if you happen to be reading this, your Christmas present will be a little late is coming during THE NEW YEAR!!! is being prepared.

Good luck everybody.
Wait let me end with a cliche greeting all FCMers are fond of using...


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