Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Ballpoint Sketching- Day 19

*Godzilla tramples all over town*

Think that is roughly how I feel now. Was supposed to sketch another one today to be "on track", but somehow I was too lazy lost the enthusiasm for it. After three landscape drawings, I feel like I've eaten too much sugar-coated cereal.

Didn't want to draw the little things in my room (pen, mug, clock) because I'm somehow afraid that I'd get bored halfway and screw it up. After all, I only bound 50 pages, and there's no room for too many obvious mistakes. Gah, sometimes I'm even too afraid to start for fear that I might screw up. Then I'd be left with less than the wanted 50.

But then again, it's not like he's going to count 150-something/more students' sketch books...riiiiiiiiiiiiigghht???

OK, none of us are going to take that risk anyway. The consequences would be _______ *insert negative noun here*

Maybe that fear will get me working again. Gahhh.

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