Monday, September 05, 2005

//Trying new shoutbox service by Snecx. *Promo for you d la*
Heh, I know the dull orange I chose doesn't really match my RED AND ORANGE bar at the top. *koff* *koff* *violent cough* Michelle, faster go make one that suits my bar, HAHHAHAHAA!! Hopefully my messages won't be gone like the many times that has happened. What the hell, first angelfire, then myshoutbox... *barf* *swear* *cough*//

That's why XANGA still rocks! Doesn't give you crap problems like these. Hehe.


Yours sincerely,
bah, babi.

Blogger + ShoutMix = Complete blogging machine!

Xanga + Flooble = Ai yo yo.

Eii, M#H, if you wanna change the colours, just get to the control panel on ShoutMix. You can pick your own colours ma. :D
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