Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Should have done this ages ago.

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So while I'm blogging right now, I have to study for my mid-term, take photographs of poeple's shoes, make a manual on how to install a burning software for dummies, and produce another 4 X 4 feet of coloured work using poster colour by Wednesday.

This after a Photography assignment and 4 X 4 feet work.

ARGHMAN!!! fkegybeirgperrp

I'm glad we celebrated Lesly's birthday. It sure feels like it'll be a long, long time before we get to do that again. Or go for mamak. Or take photographs of the bridge. Or get spastic together. Or get stopped by police cars. Bwahahhaha.

Anyway, should have done this ages ago, but... you know. (refer to above)

The 25th B'day:

After waiting for 2 minutes.

After waiting for 8 minutes.

After waiting for 15 minutes. Emotion: Furstrated + babi gila ganas.

And after posing countless times with the melting cake, taking many wu liaw photos and

warming up the beer, finally the gang emerged.

So long...
"Eh, sorry, forgot you people were outside."

BEFORE: The clean, unsuspecting B'day Boy. *evil laugh*

AFTER: B'day boy with cake ingredients on him.

The cake, which we ATE.

Happy, floury people. This is b'day boy charging towards someone to attack.

AFTER: Celine doused with flour.

AFTER: Dwag doused in flour and apparently pretty happy about it.

Daisy + Haze

WHOA! Check out the droplets of water, due to a high shutter speed. I mean, Auds and David ("I smell like Chlorin water!!") washing up.

The clean guys. Looks like some gay boyband poster. CD Cover.

Group picture. L to R: Flour man, Auds macho version, Charel, and Celine.

Clean B'day boy taking picture of me while I take a photo of him.

BEFORE: Relatively dry, with white shirt.

AFTER: Gay porn star. I posted from the side view only, cos the front view pics are too offensive. HAHAAHAHAH!!

BEFORE: Wah, no one can escape from the babi ganas watergirl Celine. Not even Kam Ka-Weng.

AFTER: The batik pattern on Calvin's back.

Ivan: *holding Lesly's camera bag* I got immunity, you all cannot touch me.

AFTER: Chocolate ears!!!
... Or army macho marks or whatever you like to call it.

Haha, the girl group photo, ruined by poser guy at the back.

Wah, really posed for a gay photo. Dang, shouldn't have joked with these posers.
Dawg: !!!

HAH?! Is this what you call a Power Rangers pose? *confused*

If this was a cliff, it'd be a "dangerous" emotion. Bah.

Anyway, that was it, the "I'd-like-to-do-it-again-if-I-had-the-time-event".
Good day.

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