Thursday, August 11, 2005


Photos From The Amateur Photographer.

The Amateur Photographer

House altar.

Arowana "bermisai".

Blue fighting fish- Amateurish skills didn't do it much justice :-(

Flower Horn, which many, including my favourite Bio teacher, have said that is the ugliest-looking fish ever, which I personally disagree because I think mine looks like Nemo. Look at its smile man, beat all the other fishes flat! Anyway my amateurish skills didn't do much justice to its winning smile either...It's sick that's why. Hahaha. Did you think I made the water blue or something?!

Yes my house is loaded with fish bowls and aquariums, so much so that it's like a little WaTerWoRld in there. Lilian Too would have a fit if she saw the amount of water=bad energy(??) in our house. *Man, this woman!!! What next?! A Lilian Too eat-here-and-you'll-strike-Toto food chain?!*

The Bougainvilleas in the front garden. The second one I took by squatting shitting stance on the ground and squinting into the sun like an idiot. But you knew that. :-D
You could imagine the size of those thorny monsters though. I think the roots have gone so far and deep that they're probably feasting on the nutrients in my backyard now.*Oooh, look how fat the trunks, and how big and beautiful the flowers!*

[Nutrients include a puppy, an adult dog, a fish, a squirrel, and *creepy music* ..a corpse maybe(!) in the backyard.]

Shadows on the ground in the backyard.

Outside, near the construction site. This one's roots' snacks include Indonesian workers' spit, rubbish and Cap Kapal cigarettes.

My dog! :-) Which name I will not bocor because I was damn childish that time and gave it a rather embarrassing name. Cute leh, looks like a mousedeer.

This is Lucky sleeping snugly in the cage, before she was aware of my camera.

Pretending to be shy, HAHAHHAHA!! Damn cute! But for some weird reason, my dogs are scared of cameras and knives, even after seeing it for the first time. OK, won't take any more photos of them, not if I can help it.

This one I got by hunting her down in the cage, where she eventually posed a passport style photo for me. Wee! *happied*

Old clock that I like.

And to end this looonnngg post...GET YOUR OWN FCM CAFE BANNER!!!
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