Monday, August 15, 2005


Monkey With an Obscene Tongue.

My Mr. Potato Head, which looks more like a monkey with an obscene tongue. But who cares. >:-D IMDONEIMDONEIMDOMEDIMDONE!!!!

Now on to another 4 X 4 feet of smelly ink and marker work. Last minute as usual, which I predict will be a freaking huge masterpiece (by an enormous stroke of luck) or so ugly that it'll cause mental instability to the onlooker.

THOSE fickle-minded lecturers who want me to combine my two works= more work + more money will be spent. Doesn't help that I accidently bought green marker ink. TOO darn suay.


Wish me luck, I'll need it.

WISE WORDS FOR THE DAY: (Brought to you by Dr. RRingo) : "PRISS, make a sopissstikkated mutton FOr YOur website. Makeit intellatif, and llemember, SOTOKOD!!."

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