Thursday, August 18, 2005


I experimented for you, for free.

So this is the boxboard that we're expected to work on, with POSTER COLOUR. I haven't touched my poster colour since the anti-drug poster (!) competition in high school. Just opened one of the containers a moment ago, saw the ugly, dried-and-cracked stuff, and MAN! the smell!

*faints, little fungus spores flying all around*

Smells like: Cheap Chinese ink, shit, and rotten egg.

He's going to be blown away when I unroll this stuff.


This reminds me of the ancient History of China, of rebels trying to assassinate the emperor by hiding a sword in the map that they were going to unroll in front of him. Except that my weapon will be virtually undetectable until it reaches his nose, HEHEHH!

Opps, anyway. Back to what I've experimented on.

1. White mural paint doesn't come off the boxboard when comes in contact with/rubbed vigorously with water.
2. White mural paint smells GOOOOOOOOOOOD.
I mean, don't get too addicted to it.
3. If the white mural paint is not spreaded evenly on the boxboard, the poster colour you paint on it will show the uneven texture of the mural paint behind. (If poster colour is too diluted)
4. Thick poster colour will hide the uneven white mural, though.
5. Colour shows up nicer on the boxboard after painted with white mural, compared to plain boxboard.

Note: Red (on boxboard), Yellow (diluted), Orange (Less diluted than Yellow), Red (Least diluted). Too lazy to use brush, so used finger to spread the mural.

OK, Run along now, nothing to see here*

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