Sunday, August 07, 2005


Because we don't drive like you, (IDIOT).

I was almost falling asleep in the car.

Thanks to you, I swore, heard my dad swore, and got the shock I've not experienced in a long, long time.

YOU, you reckless-like-hell driver should have just let my dad rolled over your empty head, you pig-brained scum. YOU almost had me thinking you were an Alsatian jumping across the road in front of our car after getting your dog leg rolled over or something.

Thank GOD for good Japanese cars that YOU are alive and uninjured, with your motorcycle fully intact.

You better go back and sembahyang kuat-kuat, you mkdfghndb. And no thanks to you my dad has to repair his car on his own expenses. I mean, whose fault could it be?

1. The stupider-than-Alsatian-brained idiot who did his rolling trick on the road?
2. The car who didn't roll over his head?
3. Or the dumb kancil behind us who followed my dad's car's rump so closely that it is now somewhere still on the road's shoulder?

Dad: That car cannot move d. The fellow looks young, maybe from your uni.
Me: Yah, maybe from my uni wanted to come back one.

Both: *snigger*

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